Once upon a time in a land far away . . . just kidding, but isn't that how many good stories start?!

Most stories aren't quit as exciting as Cinderella or Rapunzel, but that's okay, While most couple's love stories may not sound like a fairytale that Disney should turn into a blockbuster movie, we think that each couple's wedding pictures should be the start to their happily ever after.

If we can take and deliver pictures to couples that they can look back on for years to come and smile at, and recall great memories from, then to us, that's the real fairytale blockbuster.


once upon a time love

I'M Angela! Wedding Photographer, Plant Parent,  AND favorite Aunt

hey, you!

I've lived in Northeast Ohio my whole life & have enjoyed taking pictures for as long as I can remember.

I started out with a little film camera that I took outside to take pictures with. I've since upgraded cameras a few times, but looking at those pictures is still a fun reminder of past times and growth.

I love spending time outdoors and enjoying the beauty of nature.

When it comes to pictures I try to use as much natural light as possible and only use a flash when I have to. Natural light sunset pictures to me are magical.

I love plants, and think they're so pretty, but I've always struggled to keep my plants alive. I blame my parents...they have the same problem. I currently have around twenty plants that I have managed to keep alive so far, and that's a win for me!

I love being "aunty" to my two nephews, who call me LaLa. I can't help but melt when I hear that one wakes up from a nap and asks his mom for LaLa or when he says "Play LaLa!"

If I had to give a favorite animated movie, I would hands down say Disney's "The Emperors New Groove."

As for my favorite food . . . well there's just too many foods that I like to narrow it down!